What is public health?

All about keeping our communities safe and healthy.

At ACADS, we are all about encouraging our community to take positive action to reduce the harm caused by alcohol and other drugs. We do this through a range of regulatory and health promotion activities including ensuring compliance with the law, involvement with alcohol and drug policy and through community action projects.

The personal and social costs of alcohol harm are far reaching, affecting the drinker, families and others in the community.

ACADS Community Alcohol Action Project 275px CAAP

ACADS health promoters work in partnership with road safety and community wellbeing agencies each year to deliver a CAAP campaign that promotes sober driving, getting home safely and making responsible choices.

ACADS Health Promotion 275px Clinical Services

ACADS works across the Mid Canterbury district to promote health and inform and encourage people to take action to reduce the impact of harm related to alcohol and other drugs.

ACADS Liquor Licensing 275px Clinical Services

The sale of alcohol in New Zealand is controlled by The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012. Its aim is to ensure the safe and responsible sale, supply, and consumption of alcohol, and to reduce the harm caused by excessive or inappropriate alcohol use. ACADS provides training sessions that cover host responsibility and how venues and other clubs can comply with alcohol legislation.

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