ACADS Board of Directors

Our Vision:

To prevent and reduce the harm to individuals, families and communities associated with alcohol and other drug use.

ACADS began in 1988 with the voluntary efforts of a few community members, who were concerned about the effects of alcohol and other drugs. Over the years ACADS has expanded to provide a variety of services both clinical and public health.

ACADS is governed by a voluntary community board of directors who are elected at the ACADS Annual General Meeting. Once the board is elected, officers of the board are nominated and selected by the board members themselves. The board has as the primary responsibilities of financial oversight, approval of the yearly strategic plan and the employment of the CEO.

The Officers of the service consist of up to ten (10) members. These Officers are proposed, seconded and elected at the Annual General Meeting. The Officers of the service appoint from within their number a Chairperson, Immediate Past Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and a Treasurer.

The board is responsible for the long-term health and prosperity of the Service. The board meets monthly.

Meet our Board of Directors ACADS is governed by a voluntary community of board members.

ACADS Board Members 290x290 Jane Argyle-Reed

Jane Argyle-Reed

ACADS Board Members 290x290 Jane Fowles

Jane Fowles

ACADS Board Members 290x290 Connie Quigley

Connie Quigley

Board Member

Jon Jarman


Jonathon (Jono) Hay

Board Member

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