Keeping our community safe.

How health promotion benefits Mid Canterbury

Part of the work that ACADS does around Mid Canterbury involves health promotion – informing and encouraging the community to take action to reduce the harm caused by alcohol and other drugs.

Our health promotion work is community driven and developed to address concerns or issues that are specific to our region.

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We work with licensed premises around the district such as bars, restaurants and cafés, to encourage responsible serving and host responsibility. We also partner with local agencies and run community campaigns to target drink driving and other health issues related to alcohol and other drugs.

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Our health promotors support community events that have liquor licences to have procedures in place to reduce alcohol related offences or incidents.

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ACADS supports Students Against Dangerous Driving (SADD) initiatives. We regularly deliver workshops in local high schools about safe partying and increasing knowledge and awareness of alcohol and other drug related issues.

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Game On This is a workshop for sports clubs that supply alcohol.

It is based on a programme developed by Public Health South and WellSouth Primary Health Network to foster safer, more family friendly, sport-focused clubs. Founded on the principles of primary prevention, the programme was designed as an alcohol management tool that seeks to change the drinking culture within clubs.

There are three workshops for the different groups within a club, including club management, club players and coaches, and parents of players. The workshops produce tangible outputs for the club, such as signage, posters and slogans; a better host responsibility policy; and an alcohol policy.

There is also a reward based accreditation process for the club.